Sunday 3 June 2012

Animal Farm skirt

Simplicity 2226
Saw it round the traps....Jennifer, Anna,(Anna has a sew-along tute of this too - ACE!) and Bec too, with a super cute skirt worn to latest SASE with MMQG
Had some g-or-geous linen blend fabric by Isso Ecco
Thought I would cut it up!
I am actually 3 days late for Curly Pops May Skirt Sew Along - but that's me, always trying to catch up to the popular kids...besides, I was thinking and planning in May, does that count?

 I am absolutely amazed that I have 99.9% finished this skirt and it is not bad, if I say so myself....not great, not terrific, not spectacular, but not terrible too
Clothing patterns typically do my head in; the instructions never seem to match the pictures (if there are any) and the jargon is beyond me sometimes

After a few curse words with gathering (so hard to get it right and the threads always break), then unpicking the yoke 3 times, the zip was a whole other matter  - I got through it on a wing and a prayer...please don't ask me how to put a zip into a skirt...I still don't know ;)

 the end result I think is kinda cute and hopefully I will wearing it to Canberra this weekend - I'm going to need thick thick tights and merino singlets and my biggest cowl neck scarf I can muster

Ruby's not so sure about the 'all animals are equal' business...she definitely is more equal than others!


ARTwendy ... said...

looking good ... also looking forward to hanging out with your next weekend some ...xx

CurlyPops said...

It's brilliant! I think everyone needs a fun animal farm skirt.
Thanks so much for joining in the fun!

bec said...

I love it! I'll come to the next GJ's MMQG night and show you my gathering trick! LOVE the fabric, have fun at S.I.T this weekend!