Tuesday, 26 June 2012

My WIPs have been Whippyed!

Something went 'ding' in my brain and I motored for a couple of sewing sessions to finish some quilt tops that just needed that little bit more?  Have you got many of those? 

This is my Full Moon Forest Medallion Quilt - started...well lets say a while ago as a Quilt-along here - have to say 'not easy' probably cos I'm not that comfortable with creating my own design and then having to work out maths to get it all to fit!  BUT  I did have fun and I am really pleased that 
1. it is finished sortov and 2. it's my design and 3. that I actually like it ;)

A lolly pink vintage chenille bedspread will the backing - I have a falling over pile of chenille which I have collected and never done anything with...UNTIL now!! 
Don't know about batting though - the chenille is heavy - does it still need batting?  Ideas anyone?

I posted before putting these photos in - applique-ing my hexies onto the quilt top using this foot No. 5 Bernina - I think it is called an Edge Stitching Foot??- made a huge difference of keeping the stitch as close to the edge as possible while not creating a flap cos 1/4 " is just too wide.
   Just remember to readjust your needle position to the side - 
I clicked mine 2 positions to the right of normal (edit: I mean to the LEFT of normal - I really do have a problem with this ;)  )

I had technically finished my Basket Case Pattern quilt - I am naming this one British Blues because I got the English fabric as a jelly roll - never seen this range anywhere, but boy, is it striking!

I wanted a border of random ribbons escaping off the page, and decided to do just 2 sides - I rather like the eclectic look of the patten being in the corner of the quilt and not so 'square'??

The backing was fun, because I just chose some fantastic blues from my Kaffe Fassett box - YUM! (blue mums on side are Martha Negley)  I love walking up my stairs and being greeted with this explosion of blue and green!  Not really sure yet how to quilt it - the ribbons run under each other so if I do straight lines they will intersect and form squares which I don't want - I could just quilt the white middle bits, but in what pattern??  Hmmmmm  creating always gives you something to natter your brain over....

 The pair are a-waiting a rather large but elegant machine to get ready - well actually more like the operator to get ready...more on that soon...GRIN!


ARTwendy ... said...

looking good ... i need to finish lots of mine too .... hmmm machine-type secrets! ooh do tell!

Cas said...

wow that 'made up' quilt is really beautiful. go you !! i have no idea with the finishing on the other quilt. im technically boring when it comes to quilting. in fact i was going to ask you for advice on free motion :)

bec said...

i've out batting in my cheniolle backed quilts, you need the wamrth more than the weight I think. So jealous of that lolly pink one! Am def coming Friday night, if you are, feel free to bring any spare chenille!!

Danielle said...

Lovely Bron! And I agree if you're backing with chenille you could probably leave out the batting. Have you been playing with your new machine yet?

Lisa S at Sunset Seams said...

Those quilts both look gorgeous - especially the British Blues one.