Friday, 15 June 2012

Peoples from Canberra

and FB SIT

A very big Bloggy Thank You to Sheridan and Donna - the leaders of the team who make all of this happen - you guys are a driving force behind an event that is super special:
for many who don't have crafty bloggy friends to chat to,
for those who need a weekend away from everyday life,
for those who want to catch up in real life, when online just doesn't cut it for hugs and smiles,
for taking so much time and effort for all of us who come
we all appreciate the fantastic things you do, even when we don't really know how many womanhours it has taken to get this far.

Some wool bought was my only thing on 'need' list and some extras just happened to fall into my arms on Friday Shopping Trip - the Bison excursion was great - but absolutely confused me - cos I honestly couldn't decide - i walked around and around that store picking things up and putting things down - so confusing so didn't get a photo of the rainbow of colours - see Wendy's post for the colours!

Then lastly to Shop Handmade - great shop and very welcoming with glasses of bubbly and scrumptious macarons!

Here's part of our group digesting the treats!

 and here are some truly awful photos of Saturday's sewing and chatting and swapping and dancing!

A little bit of excitement/annoyance/v.v. cold wait outside on Sat night when the fire alarm went off at 2am!

I think Cas's face says it all!

Sunday was a bit of a blur for me - I'm not really sure if I got back to sleep after the fire alarm, so I might have been a walking zombie for Sunday's Stencil Workshop, organised once more by the amazing Sheridan!

These are my results - the first used a premade stencil - loved doing the graduating colour blends!

My own stencil - not really want I imagined - as inspiration I read an article on the newspaper covering the table - a very sad and disturbing piece about the people in Kinglake still suffering terribly after the Fires in 2009 - mental illness, hospitalisation and suicide. The word 'Angel' caught my eye somewhere else on the paper and I instantly thought that these people need angellic help - this became my image for my stencil - try as I might I could not draw angel wings to my liking and went a more simplistic style - I wanted a host of gold and silver angel wings, blue ones sky tipped - the stencilling was really relaxing and I enjoyed it alot.

Judy and Cas

Wendy's many designs
Cas's pears

Sarah's fantastic designs and Peta in the background

Top of Mt Ainslie - thanks again Kylie for our little bus tour around parts of Canberra then onto the airport
A great time was had by all - beautiful weather, smiley faces, hugs and kisses and 
lots of Hellos and Hugs Goodbye!


Lily Mulholland said...

Wow, some wonderful stencils in there! I would love to give that a try some day. Well done, Bron!

Kylie said...

So much fun was had by all. SIT and catching up with all of you all is the highlight of my crafting year:)
Was a pleasure to show you a little of Canberra on the way to the airport.