Friday, 15 June 2012

Pressies from Canberra

Going in the Name Tag Swap late did sortov mean that the thrill of revealing your own name tag to the group was lost, BUT I was thrilled none the less with the lovely one made by Danielle of Petit Elefants

Thank you so much Danielle!  I love the bunting (very me), the quilting is divine and I love the embroidery!

This is what I made for Danielle - just HAD to use my blue and white petit elefants fabric and I had this strange epiphany to made red elephant ears - I do hope others can see the ears! (not that easy to make I have to say)  I had a shock thought that maybe Danielle had huge ears and that these would be highly offensive - thankfully not true at all!!

The Sample Swap is truly a highlight of SIT for me - after sweating over my Granny Square Cushions - would people like them?  would they hate the colours? would they op-shop them quick as a wink? I couldn't think any more of them, cos I was just in love with MY presents from 5 other lovely ladies:

A gorgeous flower complete with real twig from Sarah of Giftscreated -

Lisa from theredthread - a super sweet birdie cushion - love the vintage barkcloth wing and the red polkadots backing - perfect for my couch!  I was a little bit worried about getting it into my suitcase to come home, but no probs at all!  Lisa also donated some lovely embroidery panels for everyone's goody bag - definitely a Christmas present idea!

Last but not least presents are from Cass - Snailblazer - organiser of Sample Swap for 3rd (?) time running - and she runs it well!!!  Cass made cup holders with SIT 2012 written on linen and lovely granny square fabric - had to pick the Granny!
Then a great zippered pouch from Fiona - from bee-abi - perfect for my new ball of wool, my so so pretty crochet hook and my growing Granny Square! (all from Renae of Suzy Hausfrau)
Then a lovely pouch and needle book from Julie of Relish - gorgeous colours and tiny patchwork - love the tiny donut!

The Handmade Market in Canberra was simple fantastic - very impressed with quality of goods and wide variety of things that made me want to part with my money!

Just a little bit of my goodies - a very turquoisey/aqua splurge - 

Something to hang on the wall to make me smile!
I can put myself in the middle of this picture and dream away!


Lily Mulholland said...

Nice haul there Bron! Wasn't the swap lots of fun? I love your nametage and the one you made too. I had lots of fun and it was so lovely to meet you (in between frantic fabric petting!).

ARTwendy ... said...

Hey Bron ... was such a wonderful weekend & was so great to be there with you again xxx love your haul ... i love the swap too!

Danielle said...

I'm so laughing at the ear thing! That's hilarious! Thanks so much, and it was fabulous to meet you! What a good haul you took home with you. I love the picture at the end of the post. Do you have any details of the artist?

CurlyPops said...

What lovely goodies!