Tuesday, 24 July 2012

My new favourites

Birds and Bees by Tula Pink

Love. Every. Single. One
Ruly. Truly.

 The patterns are alot smaller than I thought (feared) they may be - my pet dislike is a lack of scale shown for  prints when marketed - Pet Dislike!!  (that's not anything to do with disliking pets - you know I like them!)

sorry - back to scale - the not so easy to see ruler has the Amazing tree print (really, utterly amazing!) at 7" from tip to root and 4" across, and the ladybugs (nice to see them back) at 1/2" long.

I think this is TPs best range EVA!


thornberry said...

I love that range too Bronwyn - actually I love everything that TP designs! I haven't purchased any though - yet. I'm trying not to stash at present - so instead I'll have to come up with an immediate project!

Danielle said...

Love love love! Mine hasn't come yet, hopefully sometime this week! So... What are you going to make??

Janine said...

that material is to die for!!!
have you seen her new book?
2 more quilts on my to do list ...
sigh! hope i live long enough!

Karen said...

They are gorgeous colours Bronwyn - can't wait to see what you get up to with them.