Tuesday, 17 July 2012

To the end of the Wood

I had a lovely time last Sunday - last day of school hols - the fam and I went on a road trip 1 hour north west of the city to the country town of Woodend.  We dropped DD2 off at an old friend's house, waved bye and 'see you soon', then I was taxied to my 'thing' for a few hours, while Hubbie and DD1 went cafe-ing for hot chocolate and some homework.

My 'thing'????  I took a little bag with me piled with my Garden Party hexagon quilt bits and knocked on the door of a sweet cottage on the edge of the bush (all by myself! I thought I was so brave hehe!). 


The Retreat - Woodend

(Photo by Abbe of Copperpatch)

Abbe from Copperpatch was having an Open Day weekend of her new and brilliant place perfect for weekends away with friends; sewing, crafting and enjoying life!  - anyone could just come and look around and have a cuppa and do some sewing!!  Yes Please!  You don't have to twist my arm!

I was welcomed in the door by Bec (another MMQG-er! nice surprise!) and many other friendly faces said Hi and come on in!!  Abbe from Copperpatch was the perfect hostess -Abbe was making scones in the (gorgeous) kitchen and took me around the extensive place - great big rooms, huge beds, 2 bathrooms, 2 lounge areas, great craft room with cathedral ceiling - so warm and inviting and that's not just Abbe herself.

I had a lovely few hours chatting away about fabric and patterns and retreats and meeting new people and eating jam and cream scones and tea and sewing (and unpicking ha!), until my 'taxi' came for me and whisked me off to more friends for cheese and shiraz.

Great Day

Great Place

Great People

Abbe is very generously having a giveaway for a whole long weekend and I mean whole (Friday 9am! to Sun 4pm!) - check out her blog, have a really good look around her website and gather your chicks around you and get booking!


Cas said...

go you brave thing! i hope we can pull together a weekend with some girls as im super keen to have a lovely weekend away with like minded gals!

Julie said...

You have summed it up beautifully. So lovely to meet you. Hopefully the first of many weekends.