Wednesday, 11 July 2012

My mosaic of favourites for DUDQ3! Join up now!

1. Spring 2012 Market Brochure_1, 2. Queen Anne's Lace, 3. QuiltCon block 2, 4. Bee block Mai for Floh, 5. Flocking1, 6. 11-Flower Mystery, 7. hello sweetie, 8. fall quilt market recap. {art gallery.}, 9. Quilt Top for J, 10. Aqua Green Lime, 11. Buggy Barn Outdoor Quilt Show, 12. [3x6] Bee - Round 2, 13. Japanese pluses and crosses, 14. DQS 10 Finished!, 15. Baby Jane Mosaic, 16. A Hobson Fairy Tale

I'm looking forward to joining in - haven't for quite a while and I think I have missed it!  I kindov randomly picked some of my favourites from my Flickr site - just make it colourful and maybe add a little bit of whimsy, throw in a feather, a teacup and a smile and I'd be over the moon!!

Michelle from A Quilted Tortoise is Swap Mama this round - her stuff is so ace!!!

What about you? Feel like a little mini challenge with a lovely surprise at the end??

1 comment:

Michelle @ the quilted tortoise said...

This mosaic KILLS me!!!!

I too have been trying not to get sucked into every swap and so far this year I've managed to resist…so what do I do, dive right in and host!! It's gonna be so much fun!