Tuesday, 24 July 2012


Some more Grannys....just got 12 more to go....this is where I want to give up - almost there, but boy is it becoming a slog....well, not entirely true; I do enjoy mixing up the fabrics and seeing what new combo I can make...that will have to be my mantra 
"New Combo New Combo New Combo" muttering like a mad woman.


Cas said...

wow, thats gorgeous :) keep going, the light at the end of the tunnel is shining! cheers

Anonymous said...

I just started on the Great Granny Along which is similar. Did the maths for how many blocks I'll need for my double bed quilt. 40. Ouch. So I know how you feel- I think I will be bored at 12 and just add LOADS of borders ;)

Jules said...

Hi Bron

Keep plugging away - it will be worth it! The girls and I are all enjoying our gorgeous granny cushion you made for SIT Swap, it gets used everyday and Lulu has taken a particular fancy to it. Do you know, I sat next to you at SIT and it was only tonight that it dawned on me that you are the Bron from the Australasian Bee. I am feeling SO thick - I can't believe we were in that bee together and we've met in real life and it has taken me this long to put it all together! So, so thick!!!

Anyway, the grannies are gorgeous, I look forward to seeing more...

Jules xx