Thursday, 12 April 2007

Mini Moopys

A balancing act, no less, for a quickly 'whippet-upped' collection of Mini Moopys - thanks to Moopy & Me - wonderful site full of softies inspired by her daughter. One look at my first minimoopy (bows in hair) and my daughters went crazy! An Easter gift for my niece and nephew (I thought that some soft bunnies would be sort-of better for little teeth, than choccies) and of course, one each for my munchkins. My Strawberry-Blond really enjoyed the whole process, especially choosing from the plethera of my stash! (A little eek escaped from my lips when she picked all the pink/white combo, as these are for a specific quilt in mind, but the minis take up so little fabric, a deep breath was all it took for me to relax. I have to admit, I do get a little possessive of my fabric, something I need to work on to 'share more' - shouldn't I have learnt that by my age?!) My girls loved to design the patterns and the faces - especially the eyes!
So, Spottina and Bluey Ocean were born. Literally. As we were stuffing Spottina; "Mum, she's still asleep and won't feel this because she is not yet born"
Bluey Ocean is an outdoorsy-kind of gal - maybe a little shy?

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Anonymous said...

he he he!!! I LOVE bluey ocean's eyes - TOO CUTE!!! He has such personality.