Wednesday, 25 April 2007

WIP - my first woolie hookie thing!

I found my most local wool shop to be a plethora of feeley touchy things - colours and textures and patterns galore - but I just want something simple! and I found it - gorgeous wool - soft soft soft - and very pretty colours - if I bought two balls I got a FREE pattern for an easy corkscrew scarf YES Please! Gee it was hard to choose colours though - firstly, a soft pink, not too icky or too babyish, but then I saw the slate colour - love that softish greyish blue - then I saw the charcoal - like that too - oh the possibilities! But I came home with this mixture of purples/blues/gold - it will look great with grey marle hoodie and jeans! I am Hooked! (yes the pun was on purpose!)

The above picutre is how my second ball of wool is looking when I tried to find the end - I couldn't find it and even after hubbie had a go - we ended up growling at the wool as if it did it on purpose! What a mess and all knotty! Does this happen to anyone else? Surely knitters/crocheters around the world don't put up with this mess every time they start a new ball - what am I doing wrong?

Anyway - through the tears! ha ha! here are my progress photos !

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