Monday, 16 April 2007

My Golden fleece

Have decided to tackle one more project - I'm so fickle it's not funny - my newest fad is ......CROCHET! I'm such a follower - everyone's doing it so why can't I?
Lurking at Purl Bee, the most gorgeous image popped up - simple subtle Granny Squares. I usually don't like granny squares - maybe it's the colours used and the patterns created - yuk! But I really like these ones, especially the golden mohair one - oh, that it came from a golden goat! Its fluffiness, airiness, shimmery delicacy - "Daddy, I want a golden goose!" Um sorry, goat!
Got to get me some golden goat hair to (miraculously) turn into a snuggly blankie full of grannies! Anyone thinking of using acrylic wool - forget it! I thought I was saving oodles of money buying $1 balls from op-shop - felt nice, looked nice, but when practicing my crochet stitches, yukko! Plasticy feeling between my fingers and well, it just might go back to the op-shop!

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