Friday, 13 April 2007

The yo-yo's are multiplying!

Not too long ago, for the School Fair Craft stall, I had yo-yo's coming out my ears! I quite enjoyed them though, using bits from my stash of Amy Butler's Charm series (the oranges, pinks and browns) and lots of other pieces which I didn't like, but amazingly looked good as a yo-yo - who would think? To button or not to button, that was my question - I had to restrain myself - too many buttons would look wrong - hubbie was great at saying yes and no to my ideas -aahh, to have a sounding board like him! I'm glad y friend running the stall was really pleased with them. Another surprise was that I was contacted by Sunshine's Creations to put my yo-yo's on a flicker group called Ga-Ga for Yo-Yos
I was a bit chuffed - I haven't been asked for that before!

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Violet & Rose said...

We seriously need to talk school fairs - email me - joDOTreidAToptusnetDOTcomDOTau
And in regards to your question re: the bag for the coasters, hmmm, good question. I don't actually think i measured it. Bad girl that I am. I just made it about, maybe, two cms wider and longer. It suddenly came to me and I just made it. I'm not a good pattern person, nor am I very precise. I just do it by "eye".