Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Crochet your movies

I'm on a roll - 3rd post for the day! Feeling guilty for leaving Whippet for too long.
I'm a constant lurker on Whipup and found this link - made me laugh! Crochet VHS tape bag! by Recycled
Loving the resourcefulness and the recycling! Anyone else got lots of videos which are not getting played any longer?

Baby gifts

A baby's bib and burb cloth - terry towelling cut from a roll (at Spotlight) then 'Chloe's Closet' materials left over from my first quilt - very cute fabrics- to patchwork onto the bib and cloth. Not as easy as I had assumed! Then, the binding! Mum helped with choosing a bias binding and how to sew it- but I'm not so sure it worked - kind of wonky and 'pulley' -also stuffed up the hem on the cloth. It is a (very late) pressie for my cousin's first baby 'Ruben'. I hope they like it. Don't think I'll make another.

WIP - my first woolie hookie thing!

I found my most local wool shop to be a plethora of feeley touchy things - colours and textures and patterns galore - but I just want something simple! and I found it - gorgeous wool - soft soft soft - and very pretty colours - if I bought two balls I got a FREE pattern for an easy corkscrew scarf YES Please! Gee it was hard to choose colours though - firstly, a soft pink, not too icky or too babyish, but then I saw the slate colour - love that softish greyish blue - then I saw the charcoal - like that too - oh the possibilities! But I came home with this mixture of purples/blues/gold - it will look great with grey marle hoodie and jeans! I am Hooked! (yes the pun was on purpose!)

The above picutre is how my second ball of wool is looking when I tried to find the end - I couldn't find it and even after hubbie had a go - we ended up growling at the wool as if it did it on purpose! What a mess and all knotty! Does this happen to anyone else? Surely knitters/crocheters around the world don't put up with this mess every time they start a new ball - what am I doing wrong?

Anyway - through the tears! ha ha! here are my progress photos !

Monday, 16 April 2007

My Golden fleece

Have decided to tackle one more project - I'm so fickle it's not funny - my newest fad is ......CROCHET! I'm such a follower - everyone's doing it so why can't I?
Lurking at Purl Bee, the most gorgeous image popped up - simple subtle Granny Squares. I usually don't like granny squares - maybe it's the colours used and the patterns created - yuk! But I really like these ones, especially the golden mohair one - oh, that it came from a golden goat! Its fluffiness, airiness, shimmery delicacy - "Daddy, I want a golden goose!" Um sorry, goat!
Got to get me some golden goat hair to (miraculously) turn into a snuggly blankie full of grannies! Anyone thinking of using acrylic wool - forget it! I thought I was saving oodles of money buying $1 balls from op-shop - felt nice, looked nice, but when practicing my crochet stitches, yukko! Plasticy feeling between my fingers and well, it just might go back to the op-shop!

Friday, 13 April 2007

The yo-yo's are multiplying!

Not too long ago, for the School Fair Craft stall, I had yo-yo's coming out my ears! I quite enjoyed them though, using bits from my stash of Amy Butler's Charm series (the oranges, pinks and browns) and lots of other pieces which I didn't like, but amazingly looked good as a yo-yo - who would think? To button or not to button, that was my question - I had to restrain myself - too many buttons would look wrong - hubbie was great at saying yes and no to my ideas -aahh, to have a sounding board like him! I'm glad y friend running the stall was really pleased with them. Another surprise was that I was contacted by Sunshine's Creations to put my yo-yo's on a flicker group called Ga-Ga for Yo-Yos
I was a bit chuffed - I haven't been asked for that before!

Thursday, 12 April 2007

My daggy stuff too!

My take on 'Criss-Cross Coasters'

Thanks to Allsorts
This was one of my first crafty blogs I bookmarked and so to honour this introduction into my obsession!, I thought that I would try these babies out. I'm pleased with them! My hubbie was impressed (I think), but is not sure if we should use them (worried that I'll freak out if they get grubby! No I won't!) These are quite a few months old now - finding some more 'daggy' stuff on TCAOVAR influenced me to post mine too!

Mini Moopys

A balancing act, no less, for a quickly 'whippet-upped' collection of Mini Moopys - thanks to Moopy & Me - wonderful site full of softies inspired by her daughter. One look at my first minimoopy (bows in hair) and my daughters went crazy! An Easter gift for my niece and nephew (I thought that some soft bunnies would be sort-of better for little teeth, than choccies) and of course, one each for my munchkins. My Strawberry-Blond really enjoyed the whole process, especially choosing from the plethera of my stash! (A little eek escaped from my lips when she picked all the pink/white combo, as these are for a specific quilt in mind, but the minis take up so little fabric, a deep breath was all it took for me to relax. I have to admit, I do get a little possessive of my fabric, something I need to work on to 'share more' - shouldn't I have learnt that by my age?!) My girls loved to design the patterns and the faces - especially the eyes!
So, Spottina and Bluey Ocean were born. Literally. As we were stuffing Spottina; "Mum, she's still asleep and won't feel this because she is not yet born"
Bluey Ocean is an outdoorsy-kind of gal - maybe a little shy?

Sunday, 1 April 2007

Beach happiness

Look at this face!
My sister cuddling her favourite!! niece - dare I say it! No No No She loves her two legged nieces to bits, but the four legged one is a very close third.


How cool is this site?? Threadbangers - funny, funny, funny clips (love the wardrobe malfunction episode)- not your cutsey wutsey type of crafting but a great example of what people might do with too much time on their hands - no, only kidding - I think their efforts to inspire people to make fashion by hand (reducing mass-marketed stuff's hold on consumers) is fantastic - GO Threadbangers!

WIP Finished! 2376 to go!

Close up of my 'Cookies' quilt Finally finished and off to the School Fair Silent Auction! I was so pleased when I snuck a peak at the progress of the auctions and TWO people had bidded for my quilt! Wow - what a buzz! My friend Kirsten won it and she was so happy to give it to her niece for a birthday present. I feel really stoked that someone liked my work enough to give it as a pressie for a loved one - that's what my sewing is all about - giving love to people through my 'artwork'.Oops - this picture is wonky - angle your head on your left shoulder to view!
Fabric from CheekyBeaks - my first canvas material to make into a bag - love the chocolatelyness of the colour and the two prints on the one piece - each print will one side of the bag - now just have to find a bag pattern that is EASY and sort-of tote/bucket/but more long than high.
Tania Lawn hanky to become a display on my wall See Purl's great example and inspiration for beautiful materials in embroidery hoops - I'm scouring op-shops (thrift shops) where ever I go for the hoops big and small. I love this material - so fine and gorgeous print to boot!