Monday, 25 February 2008

Books galore and just a little bit of fabric

After finding my lost camera, (of course, hidden under school paperwork which seems to multiply as I breathe), I have quite a few pictures to post;

some books I picked up from my library's 'Sale' trolley; these are books that are constantly being weeded out of the collection because they are too old or in disrepair, but, that does not stop me from having a little looksee when I am working there! I can see my husband's face now; a sigh and a look - more books? okay, all right. They are starting to collect in little piles in the house; on my sewing table, the dining table, in front of the bookcase. Methinks it is not big enough.

Firstly I got 'Paper Birds That Fly' by Norman Schmidt (1996). A very informative book about the how and why of bird flight and aerodynamics and it has a long list of birds including the Blue-footed Booby (he he, that's a giggle word in our house!) and Peregrine Falcons (which we have nesting and breeding in our Melbourne city skyscrapers!) My youngest sobbs at the moment at the injustice of humans not growing wings and flying like these creatures; I'm not sure yet if this books is going to help or hinder that obsession.
Birds are a favourite creature in our house, so I hope this gets a good workout.

Next, 'Tapestry Cats and Dogs' by Amanda Davidson (1995). I skimmed over this book on the trolley several times, but it drew back, and yes, I took it home. I probably will not ever do tapestry but, I liked what I saw. 25 complete projects with colour photos and colour charts to pattern transfer. Of course this took my eye!

Now, 'The Family Collection: over 25 knitwear designs for babies, children and adults' by Debbie Bliss (1998). Not being a knitter, this was a struggle to decide on taking or leaving, but, I really truly thought of you guys out there who do love play with yarn and sticks, and maybe someone would like this for your own collection. I would love to give it away (Australian postage only, I am sorry!) - first to ask can have it! Please bear in mind that it is a well used library book (with spine label and library stickers still attached, and pages a little less than sparkling) but I got it for you and am happy to pass it on. The jumpers are quite chunky but perfect for winter coming up.

The last but not least, is one which I have not bought, but borrowed; 'Knitting Lingerie Style; more than 30 basic and lingerie-inspired designs' by Joan McGowan-Michael (2007) When I first spied this book, I thought 'how ridiculous, who is going to knit themselves a set of underwear?' but I actually couldn't stop flicking through it! The photography is stunning and the designs are truly beautiful. Very flirty and feminine; old-fashioned one might say with sections called The Bra; The Slip; The Corset; The Camisole; The Stocking, and more, but very very nice! Again for you knitters, look this up at your library, or ask for it to be ordered in. It is very special and a fabulous book to add to a collection.

These are my favourites:

I thought I should show you my growing stash for my snowball quilt. I got a heap of quarters from Glorious Colours (Kaffe Fassett's official online store). Not all the colours are exactly what I expected - some may be too rich for what I want it to look like, but who cares, I have more Kaffe uniqueness in my collection, so that's always a good thing. What I would love though, is if the store could arrange their fabrics by colour, as well as design, it would certainly reinforce the Fassett creed of colour, colour, colour!


Anonymous said...

Now I have Kaffe Fassett envy and second hand book envy! Those photos from the lingerie inspired knits book are enough to make me abandon my crochet hook for knitting needles (maybe).

Donna said...

That book looks fantastic Bronwyn. I'm loving that cardigan - I'll have to keep a look out for it.