Monday, 25 February 2008

Op-Shop Finds

Traveled over to Temcare Op-Shop, Station Street, Oakleigh, today and quite a treasure trove! I saw the shop when it was closed and looked through the window at a very cluttered and dark shop and turned my heel and walked away. Not today!

Venturing in, the first thing I spotted was the large collection of interesting chinaware and lots and lots of pyrex in pretty good nick! Didn't need those, so I meambled my way to the linen section and picked up a lovely patterned sheet for $2, then hunted out the craft section where I scored a quilting hoop for $8, fantastic piece of cotton drill (maybe for an apron?) for $1.50 and another embroidery hoop for $2. They had a huge range of craft magazines too (just got the one Quilters Companion). The staff seemed nice, though had no idea of pricing and seemed to think about what to charge for an eon!

I got this little sweetie from my favourite local op-shop, along with a daisy tablecloth.

I also found a chenille bedspread which is in perfect condition (though no label so not absolutely 100% sure it is pure cotton; the fringing doesn't feel like it) in a delicious icy pink. Yum! Goes perfectly with my Kaffe Snowball material and I think I might make it become the backing - OOH YEAH. I can feel myself snuggling under it all ready! I love the idea of an icy, snowy, frosty coloured quilt which warms me and tickles my senses.

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Anonymous said...

Very nice finds - and I'm sure that bedspread will be the perfect backing for your quilt.