Friday, 8 February 2008

A lot of stuff today

No posts for Feb yet? What are you doing Bronwyn?

Okay - here is something for nothing

First - what we found nibbling our 'Lollipop' Grevillea - no wonder we had buds of flowers one day and the next zilch! We have decided to leave creature from Outer Space because maybe if we are lucky, we may see what it turns into!

When you have lots of these,

you put them in the freezer, then peel them, they turn into these,

whip them up in a food processor

and it becomes this - delicioso banana icecream!

Actually if you got this far in the post, well done, the piccies have not been all that pretty!

Now for some interesting stuff!

Lara from Thornberry put little ol me on her list of her favourites for blogs that "make my day” by Ainslie and “excellent” by Gina. Well, right back at you, babe! Lara is stunningly terrific at her craft - sewing and crocheting would probably be her usual produce, but the thing is, there is something made nearly every day! The woman is a crafting machine!

Okay my turn for lists (I also have over 100 blogs that I flick to every now and then (okay maybe for hours at a time), but to name 10? oohh hard. In no particular order;

Of course I have said Thornberry - that's a given
Jodie from Ric Rac ( you know you're loved Jodie!)
Rosie and Melly from Melly and Me (so cute, and their softies aren't bad either)
Kathy and Sarah from Material Obsession (they know Kaffe!)
Pip from Meet Me at Mikes (who dosen't love her)
Anna from Anna Maria Horner (check out her new range!)
Elizabeth from Oh, Fransson! (I want her banner!)
Tamara from Bluebird makes her nest (great title and classy blog)
Amy from AngryChicken (her banner keeps changing form which I always love and I am still wondering why the chicken is angry?)
Kristine from Townmouse (simply beautiful shots of her life and business)
Lynn from Craftstew (I like that I can see her % graphs of her projects - I don't feel so guilty about mine!)

For all you op-shoppers, thrift buyers, second-hand searchers in Melbourne -

check out I op therefore I am blog - what a lot of oppies to look through and lots of goodies found. I have been invited to join, anyone can, just ask them and have yet to contribute - must do this soon!

Now for something completely different -
Hubbie and I had our first Swing dance lesson! I want more! Such a happy happy style!
See Swing Patrol's website for more info. Look at this
and these cuties - good luck for the comp.!!
We had a ball and so many people our age! We learnt steps of the Charlston and then lindy hop, now we just need babysitters! Best thing is , is that you can wear comfortable shoes.


Tamara said...

That's a lovely thing to say Bron. It's nice to feel loved, isn't it?

Your posts always make me smile!

Have a great weekend.

Jodie said...

Thanks bron , its very sweet of yu.
Your dancing sounds like so much fun ! is this a new years resolution?

Donna said...

Thanks for the link to swing patrol Bronwyn. It's been a dream of mine and hubby's to learn swing for years but then two babies arrived. Baby sitting is our problem also. Fantastic that they cater for 'our-age'...

Elizabeth said...

Aw, thank you Bronwyn for including me on your list! I'm enjoying your blog too and can't wait to see how your monkey quilt turns out.

(I also LOVE that photo of the caterpillar. I honestly don't believe I've ever seen one "live.")