Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Fav find no. 2

My little $5 smoked glass-topped table is transforming - a project for both hubbie and I.

Here are some stages; hubbie's new found love - pot belly black paint (we won't see this bit, unless we are rolling around on the carpet hehe!)

Bunnings nicely gave us the perfect top for $5!!Top may have been a bargain, but the trim was not - but it will go so beautifully with our other furniture - especially our covered bedhead and chair (see this photo for fabric pattern)

Still to be filled and stained but such an improvement!

Found the Hydrangeas and Raspberries top piece for the cushion easily from my stash - just the thing! (I was actually going to use this for a Bento Box quilt I am cutting up for Daughter No. 2, but just couldn't do - so glad I resisted), but couldn't find Anything to go on the back - old golds? different reds not quite right?

Some fat quarters I won a long time ago (from Di Mill) are Absolutely The Ticket!

My dilemma now is what sort of pattern to do on the back - I am nervous that if I cut the pieces up too much, I won't have enough to fit the back of the cushion piece (1m x 60cm) and I would like something 'old'ish to match the style of the patterns, ie not too modern, more traditional.

I want to sew two buttons through the cushion for that nice 'puckered' look (does it have a name?) and maybe have the buttons in the middle of the pattern, so that I can turn it over for a new look every now and then.

Any ideas friends?

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