Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Fav finds

This is...(one of) my favourite op-shop finds.....

I find so many 'favourites' I have just put a simple one - a pair of cushion covers - linen, William Morris style - perfect!My vintage sheet has become....

Wide Leg Lounge Pants (from Amy Butler's In Stitches)

wide legged they are but I am pleased with them - still a little too long - I wanted to use the nice crisp hem of the sheet as my leg hem - just lazy - and made the pattern 3 inches shorter than stated, even so, I nearly tripped UP the stairs today!

I love the orange sorbet colours - a little taste of summer for Melbourne in winter.

They remind me of Dr Seuss' pale (green) pants in 'What was I scared of?' - listen to it here or read the story

'what was i sceard of' (sic)

as written by 'Thomas'. Thanks Thomas!

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Handmaiden said...

glad to see you made the wide legged trousers from Amy's book..I have been looking at that pattern but instead I opted to make her pot mitt... a little safer for me!!