Sunday, 13 July 2008

A little bit of Australia in a Quilt

'Quilt Australia' was in the op-shop window, calling my name softly!

This book is a great showcase of talented quilters in The Quilter's Guild, in 1988. The collection of quilts came from the Guild's Exhibition, and has some remarkable pictures, stories and a sad postscript.

Australis by Fiona Gavens, Whiteman Creek, NSW
Both my mum and hubbie were pouring over this one, to work out the pattern.

Aerodrome by Jan Irvine, Sydney NSW
'The light in the Australian landscape is, at times, arresting and timelessly beautiful'.

Peninsula by Pamela Timmins, Sydney NSW

Barrier Reef Quilt (2) by Cynthia Morgan, Brisbane, QLD

A Sunburnt Country by Judy Turner, Canberra, ACT
I love the birds.

But I Like A Happy Ending by Sue Rowley, Wollongong, NSW

Monday, at Work on the Willoughby Bicentennial Banners by Margaret Maccioni, Sydney NSW

Bicentennial Birds, Beasts and Blossoms by Star of the Sea College, Melbourne, VIC

Impressions of Broken Hill by Margaret Maccioni, Sydney, NSW

Landscapes by Beverley Sach, Canberra ACT

Landscape - Eternal Summer by Batik Association of ACT, Canberra, ACT

Emma's Quilt by Sally Evers and Betty Brown, Kettering TAS

Unchanging Hues, by Dianne Johnston, Kingaroy, QLD

The Postscript: my heart was gripped when I read that in

"Nov 1987, a group of the exhibition quilts were gathered from around Australia to be photographed for Quilt Australia. Tragically, there was a fire at the studio and 17 quilts were burnt.....The recurring reaction of those whose quilts had been burnt was an incredulous 'but my life was in that quilt'.....Everyone shares in the loss'. Dianne Finnegan

Can you imagine if this was your quilt? Hands reaching out of the ashes - quite symbolic.

Now for something nicely ''kitch' - a tablecloth - is Hungrary's head on backwards?

I read a snippet of this book and must have it - perfect for the 'home from school' questions like what was the name of Captain Cook's ship; who was our first Prime Minister; how many stars are on the Australia flag and so much more!

My Pillowcase Tote from Creative Kismet and Green Mumma - thanks Girls - I have used it many times already and had compliments!


Handmaiden said...

Bronwyn, thanks for sharing that amazing book. Australis looks great and I really like Aerodrome.

trashalou said...

Am loving those quilts, how sad for those whose were burnt. I too was trying to figure the pattern to 'Australis' and could happily gaze on 'Aerodrome' for hours.

Bronwyn said...

Girls, those two quilts are my favourites also!!