Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Monkey Wood Pineapples

My Whippet Good has not been on my mind at the moment - a possible change of job, within the library, has me all churned up inside; how will it affect my family - will my girls cope with disruption to their lives more than ever - will my extended family cope with more to be asked of them?

This of course, does not stop me from sewing or op-shopping: voila!

Lyons Op-shop in Wadham Pde Mt Waverley had some nice things (they only do cash, though, and my request to pay by credit card, led to the whole shop hearing that 'this lady wants credit' as if I was trying to ask to take now and pay later! Actually I wasn't offended, it just amused me.)

I went to the shop to buy some blue chenille (to add to doppling-over-stash) and came out with:

sugar bowl

retro fruit bowl (made with 'monkey wood') in great condition

blue chenille spread and cotton doona cover - great for summer for the girls' beds.

A little sneaky peak at my almost finished bedseat cushion - very happy with it - now I need to sit for 5 hours to stuff it very full with fluffy stuff.Hubbie is super proud of his role in this project - shocking photo of the table-now-seat, but will give you updated one soon!

Daughter 2's own cushion project - she chose the fabric and helped sewed it all together (while balancing on my lap and trying to keep fingers away from sharp bits). I have a very soft spot for a collection of fairy fabric and I really should use it up, in case fairies disappear from our garden all too soon!


A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Hope you find a balance with work and home! Something I struggle with too. Your wooden pineapple reminded me of one my Grandmother had in the 70's - great find. I love that your daughter is starting to sew - her cushion project is awesome.

Catherine said...

Hi Bronwyn, Life sure can be a juggling act sometimes cant it...Love the pineapple shaped bowl...What is Monkey wood?? Cathyxx

Serena said...

That sugar bowl is gorgeous.. what a great find. You have such good op-shop finds... I'm jealous

Lisa said...

Hi Bronwyn, Just wanted to let you know I am very envious of your Hornsea sugar bowl. I have thrifted myself a large collection Hornsea Fleur pattern over the last 12 months. I did buy a few pieces on Ebay and you know what, the only piece that arrived broken was the sugar bowl!