Sunday, 20 July 2008

The place to comment? and a giveaway and more

Thanks everyone so much for saying such nooiiice things about my Kaffe quilt!

(I am always unsure as how to respond to people's comments ie. what is the bloggy 'etiquette'; do you go to their website and respond at their most recent post, which then they may not quite understand what you are talking about! OR

do you make a comment with all the other comments, which I have seen on others' blogs, but which I don't quite get, because would the person/s go back to the comments to see your response? OR

do you make a general comment on your own blog with a new post, as above , which may or may not cover everyone's comments or suggestions specifically, and maybe is a bit lazy?

I have taken the lazy option today, but if anyone has any suggestions of what works for them, please let me know. I ALWAYS love people's comments; it lets me know that I am actually 'talking' to someone out there, please don't think that they are unappreciated just because I am a lazy slob (at the present!)

Now, if you got through all of that dribble, you must go to Sharon's Handmaiden giveaway - really pretty earings for her 100th post. Sharon puts up some interesting posts about her life in Singapore and Melbourne and there is always something different on the cards.

On a quick trip to Ballarat, I can't resist stopping by Ballarat Patchwork - what a delightful shop! I am so shy that I couldn't introduce myself to Emma or to Annie, who came in and starting talking about Jodie! I don't really know why I couldn't say anything about our blogs (I didn't have much time to spare; we were late to see friends and I only had the same amount of time as hubbie to cross the road to the bakery, but I am hiding behind that excuse).

This is what I got; some more Kaffe deliciousness, some for my Snowball quilt, others just because!and some patterns I have had my eye on for some time (the Storytime Pinwheels was reduced to $5!)
Emma was very gracious in refunding me some coins, on Saturday, so I would like to say a public Thank You and encourage readers to seek out her shop, for some truly yummy treats!

Edit: I forgot to mention that there is a softie challenge at Scrap Bag: design a mascot for Ballarat Patchwork (would a Bella RAT be an obvious idea?)


A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Love your new fabrics - lucky you to be able to go to Ballarat Patchwork in person!

I know what you mean about the comments - life is often too busy to reply to each and every one. I usually email by reply if they have asked a specific question (if they are no-reply I leave a comment on their blog). If someone leaves a comment I usually visit ther blog and leave a comment.

willywagtail said...

Hi, I would love to know how to return comments too ! I,m not much good at softies but I thought a ballet rat would be good. Maybe someone else could take up that suggestion. Cherrie

Jodie said...

Bronwyn, You are mad. I live about 5 min away from Ballarat patchwork and if this was saturday both Annie and I visited twice- we would have loved to have met you !!!!
Comments. Go and check out Leni and Rose she has a post every tuesday about different bloggy tips. Now I get all my comments emailed to me and if there is a specific question I just hit is so easy - I wish I had done it ages ago.

Louise said...

Don't worry too much about responding to the comments. I'm always happy to receive a response to a comment I leave but I don't expect it. I try to respond to those that have their email addresses attached but most of them are no-reply so I leave a general message in my next post. If it's someone new I usually look at their blog and comment to acknowledge them and find out a bit about them. Most of us read and comment on each other's blogs regularly which is fine.
I can't believe you didn't introduce yourself to the fabulous Ballarat girls - they are so lovely. Life is too short my friend - be brave!

Rebecca said...

that storytime pinwheel pattern is fabulous! i may have to order one from Emma's shop as well.

emma said...

I just found this post should have said hello! Annie I were probably banging on about all sorts of stuff. I would have love to have met you. Next time you have to promise to say hi!