Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Flickr Troubles

Is anyone having trouble with their Flickr Account? I can't get into my account and I am starting to panic!!!! Yahoo seemed to have taken over and is making me sign in with a Yahoo ID - I have never had to sign in before; I would just click on my Flickr icon and I was in!!

If I sign into Yahoo, will I have to get a new account name etc and thereby lose all my current Account details and photos??? I have contacted Yahoo, but am still waiting for a response.

Has anyone come across this and what happened??

Edit: A bit more perservering through 'help' jargon, and finally a cryptic answer from Flickr support, gave me more ammo for getting into my own account; YAY!

why does it need to be so hard and confusing? Boo!

I have written down id and password on good oldfashioned paper - so there! (raspberry blown) to FlickrwhoisnowcontrolledbyYahooandhavenoideaaboutKISS(keepingitsimplestupid)


Handmaiden said...

I have a yahoo email account so the same email address and password work for both. so it seems easy for me. I joined Flickr after yahoo bought so it was already integrated

Louise said...

I just went into flickr and its the same as usual. Sorry I can't offer any advice.

Anonymous said...

hi Bronwyn, just wanted to say I have always had to sign into my Flickr account. I can click on the icon from my blog and it will take me into my photos but I can't do anything without signing in!! hope this helps