Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Just a little bit more...

I just had to show everyone Emma's Kaffe quilt (from Scrap Bag) - she put it away for a number of years, but this seemed to have worked, because the border sawteeth are simply perfect!! I really love the way the backgrounds of deep red and vibrant purple are in contrast to their own Kaffe coloured teeth. (I hope Kaffe himself does not take offense to references to his 'teeth')

I'm also a sucker for swaps at the moment:

pinsandthimbles is having a Vintage Sheet Swap - YES! Check out her really lovely vintage sheet quilt - very inspiring! Of course, I had to buy some more sheeting treasures. Photos soon.

Australia Scrap Quilters - 6.5 inch scrap swap - I asked for purples - I just felt like it.


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