Saturday, 23 August 2008

I'm so bad I'm good

I just can't help myself - I really am a big tease! More jigsaw pictures of my DQS4 ( I have actually finished it all except for the label; and I'm not going to show the whole thing until that is done!)

Buying jeans is a real chore for me - I hate changerooms and getting my shoes on and off and choosing something off the rack which totally defies what size I think I am, then do I get regular, slim, bootleg, indigo, washed, frayed, cropped......AAAAACCCHHHH!

But, I have discovered High Waist Jeans - yes, almighty, jeans designed for a woman of some years, who has a bit of tum and hip! It holds it all in snug and says welcome home mama!

I could have paid a few bucks for a tailor to hem the pants, but, dang it! I can do that, I'm an independent woman, and that I did! I love my Chung Shi's too - a must for old feet!

I am also proud of myself for starting D2's Sushi Quilt (planned for over 2 years, maybe more!) with Tracey Brookshier's Bento Box pattern - really couldn't be easier!

First lot of squares:

But I must stop now and get outside; it is such a beautiful day; must prune roses!

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Jodie said...

Bron , I hate shopping for ANY clothes, but apart from swimmers jeans are the absolute worst!!!