Monday, 18 August 2008

Now, back to our regular program....

Now that The Party is over...I can get back to normal

old chairs like new again - I still can't believe I got them off the side of the road! Should I stop admitting this now?

this should keep them busy for awhile....reminder to self....must pee BEFORE jumping...

here are a couple of great cards Hubbie got for birthday...this is so him..(this is a rudie)

and here are his presents from me! from 19Moons
Hubbie has a taste for 'steampunk' - What? you all say....Yeah , me too!

Really a pressie for me, we saw Jason Mraz live at the Prince Bandroom, St Kilda last Wednesday - had a fun night; the horns and the bongos were a real treat. It did make me realise that 1. I don't like crowds and 2. I don't like crowds.... so we stood at the back, near the cool breeze and I was happy to just have my man around me....not hundreds of others, thanks!

A tempter of my DQS4 top - it's getting there...I still have time....

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