Friday, 19 September 2008

Oh the possibilities

Love this idea -you know when a range of designs come out and there are just far too many to choose your favourite??? Especially when you 'have' to buy 1/2 yards just to get it in the home?

 Well, what a great idea is this;  A Sampler of Amy Butler's Midwest Modern fabrics

 - ALL of them in fat 1/8's! 

Thats 38 delicious skinny pieces - all lovely, all interesting, all alluring...from Quilt Home

 (I have just clicked on the site - and this Sampler is gone! Not surprised!,,,But they have others
....mmmmmm Ginseng Mulberry looks yum.....)

  This is the pile after I rummaged through them with glee:

This is the pile once I calmed down and started to arrange and fold, and caress (the fabric is really divine to touch!)

First, I thought, easy peasy quilt - just sew the lengths together - too simple!  Maybe a post rail design - again, very easy and effective with so many coordinating colours (kind of like her new pattern)

Then, after looking at my stash of overflowing  quilt projects, I thought - layers for a skirt or two!

Then, after talking to Sharon re placemats (and the inspiration of her own fave Midwest Modern delights)  - Chrissie gifts of placemats and napkins.

Thing is - I could do all three!!  Because there are so many possiblities... how can I fit it all in?

Big Sigh!

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Anonymous said...

Very very gorgeous Bronwyn! I am always torn between buying lots of small amounts for craft or quilting (and since I'm only a beginner quilter they might not get used for ages) or larger amounts of one or two prints for garments. What a dilemma!