Thursday, 4 September 2008

Sushi quilt looking yummy

The easiest pattern in the world is the Bento Box!

Whipped these up in no time - then the fun of mixing up the patterns, keeping light and dark contrasts. But.  mixing up looked um, crap, so, I have kept them in their own pattern boxes - a bit more Japanese I think! Symetry and order and simplicity, and they actually look more like an actual bento box now; contained, unique, specific.

I like.

Sushi Queen likes too.


Anonymous said...

I like too! Looks great!

trashalou said...

Bum! Thornberry stole my comment! Hmmm..... How about 'I like two!' ?

Michelle said...

I like three?

The fabric you commented on comes with kirsten doran's matryoshka fabric. It only one small component of the whole panel.

Claire - Matching Pegs said...

Looks great.

I have seen quite a few made up Bento Boxes.
Perhaps I will have to try it some time.
Are you using a pattern?