Thursday, 11 September 2008

Swaps and sickness

I have been 'told' by hubbie that Google Chrome will be my saviour, replacing Firefox for all my internet needs, but I don't know - little things are starting to annoy me - like when I upload pictures into blogger, I can't cut and paste them!  ARRRgg! So, a little out of order (I wanted my Swap pressies first in the post, as they should be, but you guys get this instead....)

More pre-loved furniture (well, thrown out - we don't want you - you suck kind of furniture) -   Hard rubbish collection treasure hunting score - needs a bit of TLC (don't we all!)  Very cheaply put together, but a lick of paint will do it some good!

My DQS4 arrived!! Very cheery and fun little quilt made by Artsy Momma - Thanks Stefanie!! She mentioned that life is a bit hard at the moment, so to whip out a doll quilt for someone over the other side of the world would have been an effort -  It would easy to ignore such little things as swaps with people you are never going to meet or even have to speak to, so I appreciate your commitment and thought!

Great mags and fabric too!  I had never read American Quilting and Patchwork before - I have heard many Americans love our Aussie mags, but I really enjoyed this one! Not too many ads, interesting designs and interviews, simple speak - I like!  The Adorn mag was great too.

The back:

The 'sickness' thing is getting bad...........

IT IS I tell you - the malady of OOS (Obsessive Op-Shopping) - I felt the need yesterday, despite numerous other jobs I had to do in my precious 3 and a bit hours between school start time and work.  I hadn't been to Animal Liberation Op-shop (1355 Toorak Road ) in Burwood before; so off I trundle (said sorry to my dogs (we are 'dog-sitting' a neighbour's dog for 5 weeks, but that will be another post) walkies will be later, only to find that it opens 50 mins after I get there. Well, the need was still there and growing!

So, where to get my next 'hit' - RSPCA op-shops (yes TWO next to each other) in Burwood East (in the funny little quadrangle of shops opposite the RSPCA)  Drive like a mad woman, because time is running out - I'm only giving myself 45 mins - Guess What?  Everything Half Price!!! OMG - an op-shop at even less than ridiculous prices - it could not be true!

let me show you what I got..........

Some deliciousness for Vintage Sheet Swap

Couldn't resist this really interesting vase - in fabulous condition - does anyone know the label?
(the background is another sheet which is my favourite Spring tablecloth at the moment)

This Was my handbag for many a year (another op-shop score), but it is time for retirement - (my own take on handbag accroutements)

This is the new sportier model: more of a sling-over your shoulder, swan down the street, feeling fine kind of gal:

Great books for kiddleys over next school hols:

Mmmmmmmmmm - ice-cream - say no more:

Favourite pillowcase

How much you ask?.....All that... yes ALL THAT (plus a quilting hoop!!!) for 20 bucks!! that included a donation!!

The lady behind the counter was soooo lovely - what a joy to meet people who enjoy serving others - perhaps other (not so joyful) op-shop ladies could take note and smile once in a while?

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cathy gaubert said...

oh, bronwyn! lucky you on that doll quilt...i love the colors. i'm still waiting on mine. you sure that the one that you made wasn't supposed to be for me (grin)?!