Tuesday, 2 September 2008


Stumbled upon an Aussie homegrown online fabric store 'kelani fabric obsession'

I love love the motive.....

Just had to get these......oh so Springy....

and these.......'tres cute'

and this......

to be made out of this! (which has been sitting in the stash for soooooo long).

I now notice that the skirt picture is of a pregnant woman, and the blurb states that it will still look good on you when you are not pregnant. Well, thank goodness for that! Being nearly 9 years since my last bodychanging experience (ie preggers), time and effort hasn't made much of a difference, so a piece of clothing to cover all shapes sound fab.

Get this.....Ordered early Monday morn, arrived early Tues morn - how quick is that!!! and free postage to boot, with a follow-up call. I love that ding-dong in the morning, when there is no-one at the door, except for a little parcel, patiently waiting for me to open it.

One more thing....don't read if you are hungry....

In opposition to the total waste of plastic packaging, instead of buying favourtie biscuits week after week, we are making them instead....Wow, what an idea! No one has ever thought of that before......she says sarcastically to herself.

Choc-chip and Cherry Biscuits - they are rationed though, otherwise the whole family including me will ravish them in 2.56 seconds flat - Speedy gonzales time

1 cup of brown sugar
125g butter - melted


Add one egg then,

3/4 cup of SR Flour and 3/4 cup of Plain Flour


Add copious amount of choc-chips and cut up glace cherries

Mix may be too dry (I added a splash of milk)

Roll into little or big balls and bake on tray in 180C oven for aprox 20mins.

Full of goodness, ah, no, I mean tooth decaying, diabetic coma inducing sugar high evil, but they taste so good!

I'm meant to be exercising at this very moment, but you know how it is, parcel, fabric, biccies, they all take precedence.


handmaiden said...

Bronwyn, Just got some Kirsten doran fabric from them yesterday...so quick. will be interested in what u think of the wrap skirt pattern

trashalou said...

hondalez, hondalez, arriba, arriba! Aiaiaiaiai!

Bronwyn said...


Elissa said...

How gorgeous are you Bronwyn! Thanks for the sale, and the lovely mention which is so fantastic to receive when you have just opened shop! Enjoy your fabrics and have a great week!

Michelle said...

Kelani is amazing - I experienced the fabric this week too - so fast and so so good!

Those cherry bickies look great - I may have to have a little bake-up tomorrow morning.

cathy gaubert said...

oh, that selection of red + white fabrics are so sweet!