Sunday, 12 October 2008

Sunday Stash 2

Looking for a piece of stash that was a bit out of the ordinary and grabbed this one:

'Spirit Place' designed by Bernadette Wallace for M&S Textiles Australia (as so reads the selvedge)

Would love a whole quilt of this and just handquilt around the circles. The colours are so pretty -earthy but gently so.

Don't know if I could ever cut into it - it feels too special. I have always wanted some Aboriginal art for the walls - maybe a wall quilt could be the answer - not authentic but pretty close!


Angie said...

some fabric is just hard to cut!

handmaiden said...

that is lovely......what about a beautiful summer bag that u would carry around with u everywhere

Jodie said...

selvedge ??Did someone mention selvedge?
Only joking Bron - its beautiful fabric.

Julz said...

What about placing a thin wadding onto a art canvas and then stretch fabric over the wadding and canvas and tack to the frame. Then you could hand quilt through the wadding and canvas around the circles and perhaps use some french knots on the smaller circles - would be a magic piece of art :) Hugs Jx

Tracy said...

Ahhh....another fabric hoarder! :) I have bins and bins of stuff I just can't cut into! It would also look great to do some french knots on some of those polka dots!