Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Summer Sewjourning

A very delightful excursion to Sewjourn happened last week - 'eleven ladies dancing' to the humming of machines and chatter and munching and sewing and laughing- what a day!!!

Jan - hostess with the mostess

Meredithe and Bonnie - 'assistants' to Jan and delightful women

Kylie and her friend Katherine (who I discovered is who my sister stayed with in London years and years ago, and whose husband we knew as teenagers!)

Cathy and Cam

Suze and Janet

Me and my friend Michelle (look at Jan's site for her picture of Michelle's pinboards she made for her kids - the colours are so much fun - buttons to be sew on yet)

Table for a Long Lunch

Hard at Work

Kylie with her stunning centrepiece - what a lovely lady she is!

One of Jan's quilts - ooh, chenille!!!

Thank the Lord above! It has cooled down a fraction now- just enough to catch our breath!

But look what the intense heat has done to the garden:

My Gordonia - 'fried egg' plant - boy, fried alright!

The hydrangea - well, what more can I say?

There are some survivors - amazingly my one and only azalea - seemed to go exceptionally well, despite an almost complete lack of care by us (I did water it once and threw mulch at it, during a very early morning rage at the heat)

And of course The Rose Bush!
"Bring It On" I can hear it yelling. Just keep your voice down, will you?


Tamara said...

Nice weekend Bron. How is this for even more co-incidence. My kids go to school with Kylie's and we chat on the way to school. We have only just worked out that both of us have a blog!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for coming Bron, and pleased you enjoyed! What fun to meet such a lovely group of girls. Look forward to catching up again,

Janet said...

Wasn't Sewjourn just lovely! Hopefully I'll get to work on my quilt some more this coming weekend and will post pictures once it's in my sister's hands. It was lovely meeting you all and really inspiring too.

And I've just been looking at all your opshop posts and realised that I might need to cross town occasionally!

Suse said...

Hi Bronwyn, lovely to meet you. Aren't all the coincidences funny - you and Jan at playgroup, your sister and Katherine, and Katherine and I having children at the same school.

Not to mention your whippet and my greyhound :)

Such a small world.

I hope we meet again one day!

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Looks like an amazing day out!! What a tranquil setting to sew in.

Janellybelly said...

Hi Bronwyn
I am so glad you had an enjoyable day with my Sewing Sisters Kylie & Katherine - I was with you in spirit.
Janelle xx
PS I haven't forgotten about doing a book review of 'Seams To Me'.

handmaiden said...

what a great place for crafting, but yr poor garden, at least u did not lose yr house as others have. Sounds like a devastating day on saturday for country vic

CurlyPops said...

I'm so glad you managed to get a photo of the gorgeous dining table (with those stunning mirrors) and Kylie's amazing quilting.
It was so wonderful to see so many different crafty things happening in the one space!