Thursday, 19 February 2009

Arty Farty

This is where someone sends you their material and embellishments, you make something for them and send it back.  

I have to admit: orange, yellow, brown and green are not my favourite colours in the world so when I opened the package to find lots and lots of these, my heart sank.  

Still, they are someone else's favourites so suck it in Bronwyn and sew.

Alicia from lucysquilts received this from me a while ago:   

I was inspired by Alicia's photos of her snow covered forest - I though it was quite 'arty' which is something I never do.  Not sure if it is her 'thing'; if you know what I mean; still, you live and learn.  

The back - random pieces - I like this a lot too


trasha said...

See, now I am all over those colours!

Bronwyn said...

I understand Trasha, truly! What is it that makes some colours sing to us and others just croak!

Not Lucy said...

You did a great job on the little quilt. It is hard to work with fabrics that don't speak to you but it does stretch our quilting muscles.