Saturday, 28 February 2009

Easy Peasy Blocks

My School Auction Quilt is made up of a very simple block using lots of scrap fabrics with one joining fabric (the aqua pindot).

I thought you may like to see how the block (called Mary's Triangle block) is made.

Take your scrap fabric and cut a

3 1/2 " square

Take your joining fabric (the aqua) and cut a

3 1/2" x 4 1/2" rectangle.

Sew right sides together at short edge of rectangle.

Make another pair.
It doesn't matter if the scrap pieces match, they will end up in different blocks.

Sew together along the long sides of the two (extended) rectangles,
with scrap pieces at either ends, like so:

Flip the whole piece over to the back and snip Very Carefully just to the edge of the seam
(Not Through the seam)

Press the now two seams in opposite directions (towards the joining fabric)

Flip back to RS and press

Now cut another scrap piece to 6 1/2" x 7 1/2"

Make sure it does not match the other smaller scrap pieces.

Take your sewn block and on the WS, take your ruler and line it up to the top left corner,

going just through the corner seam of the Right hand scrap block

(see near the 5 3/4 mark on the ruler)

With a light pencil or fabric marker,

rule the line all the way from the Top Left Corner of the block,

just past the top most seam corner to the other side of the block,

1" from the bottom of the block.

Keep the block the same way and do the same with the Bottom Right Corner of the block,

just through the bottom left corner of the seam and up to the other side,

1" from the top of the block.

This is how the lines should look:

Place the marked block RS together with the large scrap block you cut out previously;

the two blocks should measure exactly, pin and sew along the lines.

Take it nice and gently through the very corner of the seam:

this will give you beautiful finished points!

Chain piece for some very quick blocks:

Here is the block with the two lines sewn:

Take your ruler and line it up 1/4" in from each line

Cut through the middle of the block:

Take your ruler and measure 1/4" from the other line and cut again!
Throw away the scrappy bit.

Open out the two triangles left and press the seam towards the large scrap triangle

Et Voila! Easy Peasy Lemon Squeesy!

I found some other examples of what this block can produce:




If you make something, show me -I would love to see it!

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