Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Much needed colour

This is what I need at the moment - colour colour colour! A trip to Gardenworld in Springvale at the 'collector's corner';

orchids - big, little and oh so fragrant!

These beautiful plants reassure me of God's design in the world.

A picture of 'Bob' (now called 'Bruiser' by his foster mummy), here asleep with his teddy!
I just want to tickle that tummy!

Some crafty goodness for and from me - cot quilt for cousin's new baby - hand quilting with Perle thread - I am enjoying it sooooo much!

This is the back - gorgeous Temple Flowers range of Amy Butler - found in stash - (had to keep a little bit back for moi) and some Heather Bailey swirly matched so well!

On the front: Amy Butler's Midwest Modern range using my sampler bought from Quilt Home

I love the idea of a litttle bit from each pattern in a large range - 1/8 strips of 40 or so pieces which are designed to mix and match and carry colour and pattern to and through each other-

Can I suggest to any Aussie shops out there - to trial this style of fabric stashing as a kit - so many things you can do with these strips - skirt layers, placemats, and of course quilts! Fantastic for beginner sewers to just sew straight lines and/or for those who are pattern/colour challenged (maybe like me! I do find fabric shops overwhelming with options - don't get me wrong - This Is A Good Thing - but sometimes little things like fabric chosen for us helps with the 'foggy head' days!

Thanks to Jenny and Louise at Amitie, for helping me with colour choice of thread and of the backing -I did feel quite light-headed that day (I think the new flooring fumes affected me) so sorry girls if I was a bit spacey! Amitie is also a dropoff point for Handmade Help.


Tinniegirl said...

Aren't orchids the most beautiful things. I just love them.

Janellybelly said...

Orchids were my Nan & Pop's favourite flowers, so they hold a special place in my heart - just beautiful.
Your quilt looks amazing!