Monday, 23 March 2009

Bushfire Quilting Bee Round 1

Saturday was such a frenetic day for me, staring at 6.30am and finishing late into the night - BUT, I could not miss out on a few hours at the Bushfires Quilting Bee, held at the Ashburton Uniting Church 'Lighthouse'. Fantastic venue - roomy, bright, colourful, and with lovely people to fill it. Some awful stories of Black Saturday spur us on to creating some big, warm, practical 'hugs' for those who need them.

Anything wrong in this picture?

Unfortunately, an accident broke the cotton reel holder which stopped me from any kind of sewing for a while, until my lovely, handsome fixit guy came with glue, drill, screws and clamp - and then, I could breathe a sigh of relief and start peddling! There was only so much planning and cutting to do - I needed that gentle hum of the machine to calm me down (I think it's called addiction). I got about 1/2 hour's fix, then had to promptly pack up and continue on with my hectic day!

Check out Jan's photos of some great work done, by the end of the day. The photo of the bright vegie stripes and the 9-patch blocks on white are the two I am working on.

Next Bee day is on 23rd May - that's when we all show and tell our quilts and work on them some more. I am definitely setting aside plenty of time for me, moi, and myself for the Bee!

Thanks again to everyone who has donated material and the like, big and small, bright and demure, wacky, country, spotty - it is all so good!

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Janellybelly said...

3 Cheers for the lovely, handsome fix it guy!!! That is quite a contraption he has made :)