Saturday, 7 March 2009

Unfortunately, Bronwyn...

Have you seen the lastest meme?  

Type in "Unfortunately, yourname"... into Google and you come up with the strangest things......

Unfortunately, Bronwyn had a rough start to life. In March 2007, at 9 months old, she bolted out our front door and got hit by a car.

Unfortunately, Bronwyn can't attend, as she will be too pregnant to fly. So, I'm taking a co-worker with me instead. Haven't you heard of DRIVING?

Unfortunately, Bronwyn, the "message" that gets sent out whenever PETA pulls a stunt like this is, "My God - have you heard what those loony animal 

Unfortunately Bronwyn died later that night. We did manage to get some fluids into her and she was a lot more comfortable after being drained

Unfortunately Bronwyn, you’re not shouting loud enough as we can’t hear you.

Unfortunately Bronwyn spent the first 5-6 hours running up and down the stairs (we were on the top floor) to get the bathroom on time. 

Unfortunately, Bronwyn, you are correct. Oh, yah, sure, Freda, yah. She was the oldest livin' Lutheran. Now she's dead as a doornail.

And my favourite:  

Unfortunately, Bronwyn and I had to go to work the next morning, so Sister was left to make her way back to Hogwarts.   

Hogwarts!!!  Why couldn't I go?  Would have loved to see the moving staircases!

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Becky said...

Fortunately none of these things happened... although, like you, I like the thought of Hogwarts :)

trashalou said...

Am v. pleased you made it up to the bathroom each time, even with all those stairs ;-)