Thursday, 19 March 2009

Lost and Found

Before I tell of my expeditions, Big Reminder of Bushfire Quilting Bee this Saturday - Jan would really love any response from people if they are coming or not, or can help in some distant way! (click on icon on sidebar)

I am able to go in the morning only - so I would love to see you there too!

Happened across this wonderful trash and treasure store called 'Lost and Found Market' at 12 Smith St Collingwood (just up from Victoria Parade)

Treasure treasure treasure! Lots of 60's, 70's, 80's kitch and kaboodle

This is oh so a small view of the multi-tiered shop! Prices are not so cheap as an op-shop ie much more of a secondhand sellers shop so expect apropriate pricing - and only takes CASH, so be prepared!

Little pile of perfect condition tablecloths - turn into aprons or skirts?

Chenille!!! Want it want it

Very very soft leather handbag - yucky metal rings for straps, but maybe you could cut them off?

I think there are a few of you who love a vintage pattern....

I tried on the most beautiful and stunning piece of clothing I have ever seen or felt - but I could get red paint thrown at me! A fur coat, if anyone's asking! Made with bunnies' fur - could I? Should I? Is it still wrong? Someone said that bunnies are a national vermin here in Australia, so go for it....I Just Don't Know...will I be getting hate mail now?

I bought this instead .....

Spied it days and days ago.....slept on it......slept some more.......could Not Sleep Anymore Without It!

I think the tassels have to go and the fabric does not fit in at all...

A more modern shape and maybe some of this fabric to cover, or fabric more vibrant and in-your-face?

.......what do you think?

Salvos, Camberwell:

Books - love finding classic kids books - especially hardback with dust cover in fantastic condition!

Couldn't resist this little sweetie too - very soft spot for Peter - oh, no, back to the bunny theme again!


Janellybelly said...

Hi Bronwyn, you have found some lovely Op Shop treasure. How did the Quilting Bee go yesterday?
Janelle xx

Becky said...

What a great shop to have found.
If only I had something like that here...