Monday, 2 March 2009

Quilts Quilts Quilts

Australiasian Quilt Convention: Royal Exhibition Buildings Melbourne - such a great spot! Bummer I didn't take photos of the frescos on the walls and ceilings - I was too busy mesmerised by the quilts!
My Mum always comes with me to the Show each year - she's not a quilter, but I think she can appreciate the art and effort of these masterpieces. We like to talk about ones we both like and dislike and sometimes agree to disagree! My birthday is usually after the show - which is a great way of getting a quilty present early! (Except Mum puts it away til my actual day - drats!)

Here are just a sample of my favourites:

This shot came out too dark, but we stood about 5m back from it and was amazed at the way the white tree trunks stood out and then our eyes were taken to the background - great effects!
This one hurt my Mum's eyes! But I just said "Yes Please!"

A close-up - ALL Hand-Appliqued! Incredible!

This one has sequined quilting!

This masterpiece won the 'Fantasy' Challenge - OMG It is a Book!

This is a close-up


Serena said...

We have such similar taste.. the ones I liked the most are the ones you've posted here.. How funny... I liked the tree trunk one also..

Claire - Matching Pegs said...

Well Bronwyn, I also enjoyed most of the same quilts.

The Flame flower one with the tree trunks was lovely.

I did find it a little crowded, but was happy to part with some cash at the stalls

Did you buy anything?

Janellybelly said...

The quilts look stunning, especially in such a beautiful venue.
Janelle xx
PS Email me, I want to post you some fabric :)