Sunday, 8 March 2009

Op Shop Tours

Anyone interested in going to the next Op-Shop Tours in Melbourne?

Sat 28th March - with Op Shop Tours Australia

Just under $30 / ticket - meet in the city at 9am and tour around in a big bus, cheering at any passers-by, waving our goods, and having a ball!

Tour goes for 4 hours and visits shops all over Melbourne - I like that idea - I'm a little bored with my locals and some new and unexplored spots would be cool.

This is part of the blurb:

Discover hidden secrets, and rummage for a bargain with host Joanne O’Callaghan. Four hours of second-hand adventure, competitions and give-aways all part of the on bus action. Put your skills to the test in a variety of second-hand and opportunity shops. A great way to discover your city and go to places you never knew existed. Soak up the friendly shopping atmosphere, find a bargain, recycle something, and join the revolution of second-hand shopping.

The pretty picture above is a very soft pillowcase thrifted from the MS Shop in Kingsway, Glen Waverley - the colours are so happy!


willywagtail said...

Wow is me! I live far too far away. I would love to come. Hope you are all on your best behaviour and don't snatch those wonderful sheets from each other. ;)

Serena said...

oh no... bad timing.
I would have come along but I'm going away that weekend.
I'm definitely interested in the next one.. !!