Sunday, 5 July 2009

Do you like to dress-up?

I love a good dress-up - don't believe me - see here!

I love a good costume - in another life, I would love to be the Costume Mistress for the Australian Ballet - or something like that - so when I found these little old books on the For Sale trolley at the library - I snapped them up -I don't care that they are yellowing at the edges (I know how they feel!)

Historical costuming is really fascinating to me - because it is not just let's pretend, but clothing that was worn everyday by everyday people, in all situations. Here are a few of my favourites:

The Book Cover is of Year 1250

Years 1100 - 1200 Love the shoes:
Yrs 1200 - 1300

Years 1755 - 1760 Love her cheeky smile!

Years 1720 - 1730 Acck!

Year 1740

Year 1750

A classic I had to 'nap' mainly because of the following picture!

Isn't this frontispiece a dramatic painting?

I also picked up this book: again, historically interesting, though pretty much out-dated, I have always had a soft spot for Kate Greenaway. Apparently, no-one ever actually wore the clothing she illustrates, but almost created a fashion trend for people to dress their children as if they were a Greenaway drawing!

Who knew that that slimy slippery moss-covered front path means that I love my children!

I think I understand why 'Dead Leaves' means Sadness!!??

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