Friday, 24 July 2009


Someone arrived on the doorstep and I could not turn her away - she made a little squeak and 'nuf said - she belongs here!

That's my Squeak on the right - Leah from Handmade Bits and Pieces made her and posted her to me - I am having to fight my children off from cuddling her to bits - I want a cuddle sometimes! She is big and round and furry - just like my real squeaks!

Photo from Leah!

I am such a fan of vintage chenille - her softies are absolutely adorable - go visit her etsy shop and you will agree!


danielle said...

they are too cute! lucky you : )

Katy said...

they're adorable!!!!

Andi said...

pretty cute!!

Cathy said...

How gorgeous are are so lucky xo