Friday, 10 July 2009

Snow after Fire

Our girls had never seen snow - 'gasp' - so when the invitation came to go with friends for a day-trip to Lake Mountain during snow season - we went!!

Just me driving made me feel a little nervous - about a 2hr drive each way - but we got there and we got home ok!

Stopping through Marysville was sobering - virtually nothing is left of the already small town, just paddocks and cleared blocks and the knowledge of something awful happened in its past. A few businesses are running out of portables and vans, and people are living in tents. Strangely, a few buildings did survive, namely the Crossways Historic Inn, which held some lovely memories of a family wedding there a few years ago. It didn't look singed at all!

I loved a sign made at the foot of a cleared block - "I'm coming home" - made me smile inside.

Driving up to the mountain after Marysville was equally as strange - hill and valley after hill and valley were all black or brown - everything was burnt or looked 'cooked' - no sign of regrowth could be seen Anywhere - I hope it is just because of the cold - I hope Spring shows its regenerative power soon.

The striking colours of white, black and blue have been etched into my head, and I really feel the need to get that image into some kind of textile art.

We found a wombat!!

See the fencing in the background - the trees are so fragile, there is no exploring today.

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Mee a Bee said...

Wow!!! that looks like such a lot of fun! It is so hot here now ...