Friday, 10 July 2009

Still not enough 9-patches...

But wait, there's more!

These are my lot going back to Chaletgirl - Swap Mama

The yummy yellow dot is Chaletgirl's Feature Fabric (FF): I teamed it with some great Kaffe fan fabric and some Babushka dolls who randomly float across a purple haze (what-the?)

These ones have some 'Nest' rows of bright and cheery mini eggs
and some mesmerising full-on colour spot:

The FF is from Donna: love my purple birds - one of my first stash and still have heaps! Yay!
The red is really gorgeously rich and deep, soft and warm - love it!

There is also a really interesting discussion between friends about whether a fabric is female or male (another what-the?!) Lara thought this FF was 'ladylike' and I commented that I felt it lent towards being 'masculine' - the discussion is not that serious, but I am curious as to whether you think that some fabric 'feels' like a certain gender or not...hmmmmmmm....

This FF from Loulou is a little more tricky to pair with - but I found two in my stash which, I think, go really well - photo does not do it justice!

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Claire - Matching Pegs said...

They all look like fun to pair up - good job.