Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Always needing some ideas

Always on the hunt for new ideas, I am pretty much addicted to searching Flickr - my groups, my group members' groups, picking up a thread here or there for some link to another quilting bee swap or quilt maker extraordinare....
I have discovered the feature of creating a Gallery in your own Flickr account - this may be old news to some if not all of you, but I thought this was perfect for storing all the wonderful pictures that I came across, but could never find again!!

Mine is for the Around the Block Quilting Swap - Kate from One Flew Over was the first (in August), now it is Helen from Patchy Work of Mini Grey for September!

My month is March, so I have a bit of time to plan and de-plan, as is often the case, so that' s why ideas are needed - I have loved the Sew Connected Quilt Swaps; I think they are up to No. 3 - there are plenty of suggestions there for me.

Such a pity the photos are teeny tiny -this is my gallery link and see them for all their glorious beauty with owners named and linked!!

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Claire - Matching Pegs said...

All beautiful images/blocks.

I am yet to get into flikr - my blog reader keeps me inspired/distracted enough. I know I would eat up the hours if I started.

Thanks for sharing your inspiration.