Thursday, 10 September 2009

Just a little unpicking..

I have been sent back my last Chaletgirl Block swap Blocks - cos I stuffed up the sewing on all of them! (see last post) ...little message on the back of the envelope....'if at first you don't succeed...' - Sheridan always gives me a giggle!

Edit: I hadn't quite finished my post - I was in the middle of writing and photo placing, when blogger decided to have a jolly long think about life the universe and everything, then I realised that I had x minutes to get changed and drive to work on time!!

So...yes, Cathy picked it right - this is my half hexagon quilt-along quilt
(still just the top, but still..)

and these are for the back - I just had to have the French Alps Map - with some french looking roses - the striped 'Paris Cream' is for the won't load - next time! They look good, believe me!

Just a random picture of some glossy yellow fabric - gives you a feel of the metres of yellow sparkly slippery little suckers...ah no...skirts I had to make for the school concert - the example made by a friend was so so neat and straight I wanted to cry at my end is just the school concert (a first for our school) and the MC (principal) was very thankful to all the wonderful school mums who helped with costuming. Aw shucks!


Becky said...

Practice makes perfect? Unpicking, every sewer knows the pain ;)

Cathy said...

Oh yes, I'm very practiced at unpicking!!! Oooh I love your half hexies, beautiful! Congrats on sewing school costumes, I always tried to avoid that job, just because I can quilt doesn't mean I can sew an outfit!!!! xo