Sunday, 20 September 2009

Book Hunt

While enjoying a rare moment of aloneness amongst shelves of crafty books (ie both kids away, hubbie in some other part of the bookshop), I came across this gem:

A very interesting book with lots of technical advice on the scary world of quilting my quilts - the pictures of quilts were so good that I feel like getting the book just for the pictures!!

The book was a little too expensive for me to buy then and there - but I can not find it anywhere else, except for sites such as Amazon where it amazingly seems to be twice as dear!!
Tried my beloved 'Bookdepository' and no luck

Anyone got one they would like to part with or swap - I am open to suggestions!!


Kelly said...

Hi I just had a quick look on fishpond and they have it for $45 link is:

Nothing worse then finding a book that you want, but not being able to find the price that you want! lol

willywagtail said...

Can't help but have you tried your local libraries. Be cheeky and ask them to buy one! Cherrie