Friday, 11 September 2009

My creative space (of mess)

After finding one of the most messiest creative spaces on the internet...Sheridan' know you are! (though I love and adore the pink wall).....I found the guts to show THE messiest creative spaces...MINE!!

My little machine - a Janome Jem Gold - bought off ebay for a few cents - does me well, except for the few wonky sewing stitches and really not coping with quilting major quilts - in the foreground is a pile of new lovelies from Z&S fabrics - jennifer paganelli's Dance with Me and Flower Power - love the bright but feminine prints and colours - rich pinks, aquas, yellows, limes.

I would always see lovely colour-coordinated spaces with beautifully folded rainbows of fabric lined up with a ruler on a pristine white shelf and turn around from my computer and sigh audibly.

I have tried to colour-ise my fabric, but I often have my piles in project-ness instead; I actually find that in colour-coding my fabric, patterns get lost and forgotten - I think I have more of a pattern-print kind of memory, then hue or tone.

It is utterly amazing that anything at all gets done, let alone finished in this tiny space gradually disappearing under piles of fabric big and small.

Now that I have shown you all of my mess, I may live to regret it...where is 'Craft Room Blitz' when you need them?


EmilyKate said...

Heheheheheh my own sewing room is just as messy... probably messier actually! I took some photos of it a year ago in perfect tidy order and that was the last time it was in any kind of organised state ;o)

chaletgirl said...

You are shameless! I actually do have the rainbow of carefully folded fabrics by colour too. See, I am a woman of contrasts.

Glad to see yours is v messy too!

sewjourn said...

It's good to know I'm in good company!

Cathy said...

Oh I love working in a room like this Bronwyn, in fact, I do!!! I'm like you I tried to colour coordinate, but I tend to go for patterns and ranges instead. Thanks so much for sharing your studio xo

Tuppence Crafts said...

Thanks for showing your sewing I don't feel so bad. I should be ashamed..even after hubby put in new shelves, I still manage to get my sewing room into a mess.
You definitely do need credit though for all the lovely projects that come out of your sewing room.

Leah said...

Ooh, I can see my DQS7 in there :) Thanks so much - it arrived safely yesterday :)