Tuesday, 27 October 2009

A beautiful box/block

This is a simply delightful handmade box from Finki

I love and adore this style of very oldfashioned trade - usually found in the bottom of op-shop shelves, crushed and defeated, often made with Christmas cards and the like.
Jay from Finki has taken wonderful images from old children's books, laminated, holepunched and handsewn them together.

This is for my D2's birthday - she would dearly love to fly and I just had to get it for her.
Also had to get it for her to help store her multitude of collections!
While I was there, I had to get this as well - love love it too!

Another ATB block finished! I am liking these short and sweet projects! These two are for Louise - Loulou on Flickr - come on Louise - start up a blog so we see more of your lovely fabric and sewing!!

Aren't the fabrics pretty and delightful!! It is going to be an extremely lovely quilt!

My school recently had a Community Artists Morning - where family and friends of the school are encouraged to show their art, be it sculpture, music, paper, fabric, flower arranging and many more!! I forgot my camera - drats! - but I had a lovely morning with all the kids coming around to see my little 'stall'. Louise's block was very popular! The kids asked lots of questions about how it was sewn and was fascinated in the sewing machine and how just using rectangles, an interesting pattern can emerge!

I made lots and lots of half square triangles and they kept asking for more - "Do it again, do it again!!" Makes me laugh!!


EmilyKate said...

I have always wanted to make one of those little boxes, I have seen them in oppys.... I did actually bookmark a tutorial for them too... should get onto it!

handmaiden said...

Brownwyn, love yr purchases and the blocks look great too