Thursday, 15 October 2009

A doll quilt for me

It has been a while since I have chatted!!

A family holiday away (snaps to come) has brought me back to lots of 'show and tell':

First up:

My DQS7 quilt has arrived! From Amanda of Modernacorn (flickr: msmcporkchop)

Wonderfully simple and modern - I really like it!! She remembered my love of Kaffe and added some fave of mine AMH! I love the buttery cream of the solid fabric and the quilting is quite inspirational. I love the freedom of the straight over the wavy, or is it the wavy over the straight and not all over the quilt either - not needed!!

I have to remember all these points when I am doing my next one - don't be held back by convention - take a chance that less is more!

I am going to make a sleeve for the back to hang it and a quick label so that I remember who it is from, in years to come.

(How did she know I love roosters?)

Oh and the generous extras of Kaffe's Paperweight in Sludge (love that description!) and some gorgeous purple shot cotton (which I didn't realise at first, until I saw it under lights, and the depth and shine of it came out) is just terrific.

May have to get me some more of that one!!

Next 'Show and Tell' coming up!


Andi said...

A really stunning quilt.
You must be thrilled!!

Kelly said...

Now that is the kind of mail one likes to get! It is gorgeous!!

One Flew Over said...

How gorgeous! Lucky you Bronwyn!

Cathy said...

Nice to have you back!! What a beautiful quilt, she has done an amazing job! Aren't Kaffe's shot cottons incredible the way they shimmer in the light? xo

Lizzie said...

Lovely to hear from you again and love the quilt. How fabulous is the quilting.

trasha said...

I am loving the quilting.