Friday, 16 October 2009

My Baby has turned 10!!

Isn't she cute!!

Despite a possible tragedy of a pav being left in the oven for hours on end, but rescued at the last moment (just a smidge coloured!), my daughter no. 2 enjoyed her mountain of pav, cream, flake and candles for her birthday cake, after a delicious dinner of Teppanyaki - think rice flying through the air, delectable wagu beef cooked oh so tender, omlette caught by mouth, nose, hair...

These pictures are so her - cute, funny, exhuberant, happy, bright with just a touch of darkness
(she loves Twilight at the moment - I mean, loooooves it - family have learnt to not mention the T word, otherwise she goes into a 20minute speech about the characters, the actions, the scary bits, the romance.......)

Maybe this pavlova describes her too;

just a little quirky, determined to be what she wants to be,
strong and confident on the outside but soft and delicate on the inside,
small in stature but tall in spunkiness!

I love a good pavlova

I love her


Kelly said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter, yep definitely Cute!!

One Flew Over said...

Happy Birthday No 2!! And just so you know...I am also obsessed with Twilight!! Don't ever mention the T word in front of me....I can go on and on and on and on and on and on. 33 days to go for New Moon...see???

sewjourn said...

Happy Birthday Miss 10! The pav looks yummy.

Nikki Cardigan said...

What a beautiful post Bronwyn. Can you print this out and put it somewhere for your baby girl to read when she is all grown up? Imagine seeing something like this from your mother when you are old enough and wise enough to truly understand love.